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The Italian Government announces the following bursary programme for foreign
students and IRE (Italian Residents Abroad) to study in Italy during the Academic Year

The programme is offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its
diplomatic mission in the accredited country of the applicants, to students of selected
countries wishing to study at Italian public universities or other public institutions of
higher education.

Before filling their application, students should contact Italian diplomatic
representatives or Italian Cultural Institutes in their country of citizenship, for detailed
and country specific information about this offer.

Applicants should study this document carefully and familiarise themselves with
the terms for participating in this bursary programme.

Particular attention should be paid to the following:
• Age limit (Applicant’s age should not exceed 35 years, with some exceptions);
• Educational background (Preferably a Masters Degree or equivalent);
• Required documentation (Application form, referee reports, academic diplomas and
transcripts, applicant’s CV)

For scholarships offered by the Italian Goverment to foreign nationals and Italian nationals residing abroad (IRE), please refer to the document below:


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